Speciality retailing

Speciality leasing at West Favell shopping centre is a great way to access the thousands of shoppers that visit the centre each week, whilst creating a great platform for brand exposure in a cost effective and flexible way. Our long or short term opportunities are positioned within high footfall areas and within close proximity to national brands such as Tesco, Boots and New Look. For further details on how to capitalise on this rapidly growing sales channel and how we can provide you with a constantly changing audience throughout the day, please contact the CentreStage account manager by clicking the ‘Contact...

Promotional space

Weston Favell shopping centre is the ideal arena for a promotional event,providing a stage to engage directly with your target audience.Whether it be customer acquisition or product launch, there simply is no better way to interact with potential clients and to communicate your business than with a personal, face to face experience. There are a number of locations and sizes depending on individual needs, all of which are situated within high footfall or heavy dwell areas. For further details on how you can bring your brand to life, please contact the CentreStage account manager by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ link on...

Mall space
Mall space
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